Introducing the CRT Belt 2.0 from KGS Baseball. The CRT Belt is a training tool for baseball and softball catchers who want to enhance their receiving ability and execute the same movements as elite receivers in the game. The CRT, or "Catcher Resistance Training" Belt allows for resisted receiving exercises to be completed in an efficient manner. Developed by professional baseball players, our patent pending design is a direct result of wanting an easier and more wholesome way to train how we receive the baseball/softball. No need for a weight or fence to attach a resistance band to - simply hook up and get to work! The CRT 2.0 now includes both lengths of resistance cable and comes in a convenient mesh pouch for easier travel. For more information, features, and to purchase, click the link below:


Joe Mangiameli (Class AA Catching Coach, Minnesota Twins Organization)

“The CRT Belt is hands down the best training aid for a catcher. We incorporate it into our skill work every single day.”