Are you looking to improve your game? At KGS Baseball, we've worked with numerous youth athletes and collegiate players. Our approach to in-person instruction is our ethos: "Keep the Game Simple". We will work to enhance your skill, mindset, and output on the field by communicating high level information in a simplified and efficient manner. In-person training for catchers and hitters with Kyle Schmidt is located in Denver, CO for 2022. As requested, Kyle is now offering remote instruction for catchers. Full remote instruction is limited to ten athletes at a time. If you are interested in beginning in-person remote training, please see the information below!

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We've dedicated a remote option for catchers and hitters that provides you with instruction, analysis, and a direct line of communication with Schmidty. This option is ideal for players who are willing to own their development and commit to getting better. We have transitioned to The Futures App for remote training. The Futures App is a unique platform that allows for direct feedback and review from KGS Baseball while also implementing drill work/approach from current and former MLB players. If you decide to join, you will receive weekly drill routines and video analysis with access to all of the content (not just catching or hitting) within the App. For pricing, availability, and more information please reach out here. You can also check out our 6 Week Catching Program and or Receiving Handbook here.