News: CRT Belt 2.0 Professionally Equipped!

We are excited to announce that the Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays, and New York Yankees are now equipped with the CRT Belt 2.0! We are excited and grateful that these organizations see the benefits of the CRT Belt and will be using them in their catching development. With the current state of receiving at the professional level, the focus on creating force and efficiency from outside of the ball as we receive through the pitch is key. Those factors are a large part of what the CRT Belt helps to improve. Train like the best!

We have also been actively equipping collegiate teams at all levels that are training in similar ways to the best receivers in the country. We're pumped to see the teams that are utilizing the Belt in their training and are excited to continue helping catchers get better!

As always, you can purchase the CRT Belt 2.0 here. Keep grinding and good luck to everyone through the rest of their Spring seasons!

Keep the Game Simple

- The KGS Team