Program Duration: 6 Weeks

Training Frequency: 1 Hour Per Day; 3 Days Per Week

Price Breakdown: Roughly $6 per Training Session

CRT Belt Included with Every Purchase

Required Equipment: Baseballs, Tennis Balls, Plyometric or Weighted Balls, and included CRT Belt


If you're not able to come in for in-person instruction and aren't ready to fully commit to remote training, this is a great option for you. Our programs are structured so that you are completing purposeful work to get better. Within this program, you will develop your skills in receiving, blocking, and footwork to bases/transfering the ball, as well as building your strength and enhancing your mobility. The primary focus of this program is your receiving skill.


Also included in this program is a link to access our continually updated drill database with 150+ catching exercises for mobility, strength, footwork, receiving, blocking, and transfer/footwork to bases. This database contains videos and descriptions of every exercise in our catching program as well as others that you can use. We will be adding more exercises to our drill database this fall (2022)!


You will be able to download your program immediately after purchase. Our recommended plyometric balls for use with this program can be found here: TAP Extreme Duty Weighted Ball Set.

Six Week Catching Program

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